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During the 2020 lockdown, we all started looking to video calls, Zoom etc to keep in touch with Friends and Family. BINGO was one of these games that we had fond memories of playing in the University bar. I created this online BINGO system because I couldn’t find anything around that was free and simple to start a game without any accounts etc.

You do not need anything special to play this other than an internet connection and device, it works on phones, tablets and desktops. One player needs to be the Bingo caller, all other participants are players. Everyone opens their respective links and the game begins.


  • For some numbers the Bingo caller will be presented with a short phase that goes along with the number, call it out before the number.
  • Use screen share or camera to allow players to show their completed cards in a video call

Players Card


Players start by opening up the players card. A new card is generated automatically. The card will be regenerated on page reload or by clicking on the “New Game” button.

The Bingo caller will call numbers randomly picked. If the number appears on your card, click on that number in your card to mark the number. If you accidentally click the wrong number, clicking on a marked square will remove the mark.

Once you have completed a horizontal, vertical, 5 square diagonal, or the whole card, YELL BINGO as loud as possible. Other players can make note that a line is gone by selecting the completed line via the buttons below the card.

Bingo Caller


On page load, or after clicking the “New Game” button, the system will reset. A random number between 1 and 75 is drawn on each click of the “Draw Number” button.


This software is licensed under the Opensource MIT License. Enjoy.