PHP Event Correlator

PHP Event Correlator is an event correlation tool to process a stream of events, make decisions based on Rules sets, and perform actions based on these Rules.

Event correlation is useful in many areas. For example, log processing, microservice coordination, IoT event processing.

PHP-EC is being used in production for multiple IoT projects, some processing 10M+ events per day from multiple disparate systems.


A PHP library aggregate data into slices of time (for example 1 minute, 5 minute, 6 hours) and then retrieve data via a time ordered queue.


PHP Library for JSON-RPC communication (Client and Server). Includes a ReactPHP ReadableStreamInterface decoding helper for parsing RPC packets.

ReactPHP compatible Async DNS over HTTPS client Resolve DNS queries over HTTPS, provides secure DNS resolution over untrusted or shared networks (eg Serverless deployments) utilising standard HTTPS queries.

ReactPHP compatible Async HTTP/2 Browser utilising Curl Implementation of an Async HTTP client using CURL.

Pet Projects

BINGO 75-Number Web based Bingo Game